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Horatio/Valera Fic: The Long and Winding Road

Title: Chapter One - One Night
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Horatio Caine/Maxine Valera
Genre: Romance
Summary: One Night sends Horatio and Valera on a journey together.

Notes: Rating - I’ve rated the whole series as NC-17 as there will be a couple of chapters which warrant it. For the most part though, the rating will be sticking around the PG-13 and R mark.

Spoilers - Some chapters will contain episode specific spoilers and will be marked as such. There will be general spoilers for seasons two through four which could appear at any time.


1. One Night


Valera POV

Oh My God. This is… Oh God. I can’t believe I did this. I really should be listening to what he’s saying right now but I can’t seem to switch off the extreme panic I’m feeling. Oh great, now he’s stopped talking and is probably waiting for me to say something. What was he saying? A quick mental review and I manage to recall he was giving me a general introduction and welcoming me to the team. I guess I should attempt some kind of reply.

“Thank you Lieutenant, I’m excited about working here.” Well that didn’t sound cliché, oh no.

The red head nods and gives me a quick smile before addressing me again. “I’ll show you down to the DNA lab and you can get acquainted with the set up.”

“Great. That sounds… great, thank you.” I say nervously, desperately attempting to avoid eye contact. I cannot look at him right now.

I watch as he steps around the desk and opens the door before letting me walk ahead of him. His hand briefly brushes against the small of my back… wow that touch brings back memories. His gentle touch directs me through the halls as he guides me to the DNA lab.

“Ok, I guess I’ll leave you here to get settled in then.” And then he’s gone, leaving me alone to panic.

I should probably be checking things out or something, but it’s going to take a few minutes for me to get focused again.

I start puttering around the lab and let my thoughts travel back to last week. I was celebrating getting this job with a few of my girlfriends and ended up going home with a guy I met. A guy I now know to be Lieutenant Horatio Caine of the Miami Dade Crime Lab, my new boss. Oh God.


I feely admit that I’ve had my fair share of one night stands, but this was different to anything I’ve experienced before. This was… intense. I can still remember the feel of his hands on my body and the overwhelming sensations as he moved inside me. I really don’t think I’m going to be able to look at him without picturing him moving above me. Not a good mental image to have in the workplace.

With most guys I’ve gone home with it is all about instant gratification, both parties want to get theirs and that is it. With him it was different. He was fully into the experience and so was I. We were going at it for hours until finally exhausting ourselves. Great now I’m sitting here blushing at the memory of having sex with my new boss.

The door to the lab opens and my visitor introduces himself as Speedle before handing me a pile of DNA samples to run. Hopefully now I can throw myself into the work at hand and stop my mind from wandering down inappropriate alleys.


As the day draws to a close the printer beside me is working away rapidly as I finish compiling a report. I’m arranging papers in the file when I hear the door open, I look up expecting to see Speedle waiting to collect his results but instead find myself staring into a pair of deep blue eyes.

“Oh,” is all I can manage to say. Smooth.

“Hi.” Well at least he isn’t that much more eloquent than I am right now. “I, uh, thought we might need to talk about the other night.” He is talking to his shoes so I guess he’s not feeling overly sure of himself right now, which is actually a somewhat reassuring thought.

“Oh. Yeah.” I’m still unable to form actual sentences.

We wait in silence for a few moments; I don’t trust myself to say anything coherent so hopefully he will make the first move. In the end he does.

“Obviously, we didn’t know what our working relationship was going to be that night and I don’t think we should let what happened interfere with it now. I don’t want you to feel awkward about working with me.”

“I don’t, Lieutenant, really I don’t.” The words spring out of my mouth suddenly, I hadn’t intended to interrupt him. “This morning I was just really surprised.” I summon up my courage and keep on talking “That night was… intense.” Some part of my ego notes that the tops of his ears have now turned slightly pink, interesting. “But, I think it’s fair to say that both of us were expecting it to be a one time thing and there’s no reason it can’t stay that way. We can start our working relationship completely fresh.”

Lieutenant Caine nods as I finish speaking, but there is something unreadable about his expression right now and I’m not sure what to make of it.

“Then we’ll call this a fresh start,” he tells me with a hint of a smile.

I nod, my confidence having failed me again.

“I look forward to working with you, Maxine.”

“Valera,” I correct automatically. His expression says ‘huh?’, but he doesn’t actually say it. “No one but my parents call me Maxine.” He chuckles to himself in response.

“Ok, Valera then. Oh and there’s no need to call me Lieutenant, Horatio will be just fine.” I’m offered one last shy grin before he leaves the lab.

Well, this has certainly been one hell of a first day.

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